If you'd like to send e-mail messages using an email address with your personal domain, make sure that the provider will give you usage of their SMTP server. The latter is the software system allowing e-mail messages to be dispatched. SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it deals with all outgoing emails from applications, webmail and contact web forms. Whenever a message is sent out, the SMTP server confirms with the DNS servers globally where the e-mails for the receiving domain name are managed and when it acquires this information, it creates a connection to the remote POP/IMAP server to check if the recipient mail box is available. When it does, the SMTP server delivers the email body while the receiving server sends it to the mail box in which the recipient can open it and see it. Without having a SMTP server on your end, you won't be capable to send e-mails in any way.

SMTP Server in Web Hosting

In case you have a web hosting plan with us, it is possible to send e-mails through our SMTP server making use of any e-mail software and any device. The SMTP service is accessible with our plans by default, not on demand or maybe as an optional paid upgrade. You will be able to send email messages from anywhere you want to making use of our webmail or perhaps an email app of your choosing. The SMTP server also allows you to make use of contact forms on your web sites simply by including the server name along with your email in the form code, so you will not have to do anything whatsoever more technical than that to get a PHP mail form to function. You will find the needed SMTP settings in the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel along with thorough help articles for the most preferred desktop and phone mail clients that will allow you to repair any problem if you aren't able to send email messages for some reason.

SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Servers

All our semi-dedicated servers feature an SMTP server as a standard, so you will not need to shell out anything further or require access. You'll be able to send out emails as long as you set up a mail box with any of your domains via your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Our in depth tutorials will highlight exactly how to create your email address in an e-mail app and will enable you to diagnose any problem if you cannot send out emails for some reason, because we have stored the typical problems you might experience as well as their solutions in one place. If you have an e-mail contact form of any kind in your web site, all it takes to get it to work is to type in the SMTP name along with your e-mail. The semi-dedicated server packages are very powerful and they'll allow you to send a multitude of e-mails, making them a terrific choice if you need to send out frequent newsletters to your customers.